Custom Made Cups & Tumblers

Enjoy your coffee in style with unique and custom made tumblers & cups! Want something personalized? Just send a message to:

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Stormy Summer Creations

I create unique resin epoxy tumblers and customize Starbucks cups. Please note that most tumblers are made to order only.
If you have a request, contact me at

I will be adding new tumblers and ready-to-ship tumblers after the holidays so please check back or sign up for my newsletter to be notified when new cups are available.

I also have a shop on Etsy: Stormy Summer Crystals and have tumblers in Humboldt's Hometown Store, located in Ferndale, California.

  • Pink Snowflake cup with bling lid and icicles

    Bling Tumblers

    Epoxy resin tumblers with bling lids and drips or icicles and other accents. I use quality rhinestones from a local distributor. The sparkle is stunning!

  • Purple and gold dragon tumbler

    Dragon Tumblers

    Each scale is placed individually by hand then painted in gorgeous, color shifting paint. One of a kind tumblers customized with dragons & glitter.

  • Starbucks Cups

    Starbucks cups are purchased at our local Starbucks and then customized in various themes and styles. Personalization available.

  • Studded Cups

    Coming Soon! Studded 24 oz cups customized with faux Starbucks logos and other images. Matching quality rhinestones frame the logos.